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Endorsements of the 4th Edition:

"Quite simply the best, most comprehensive and accessible textbook on international migration available today, written by two of the leading scholars in the field. Migration touches on every dimension of the increasingly globalized world in which we live, and Castles and Miller provide students and scholars alike with a framework for understanding this exceedingly complex phenomenon." James F. Hollifield, PhD, Professor and Director, John Goodwin Tower Center for Political Studies, Southern Methodist University

"The fourth edition of The Age of Migration provides a comprehensive overview of crucial facets of international migration... It should be required reading for students of international migration." Hania Zlotnik, PhD, Director, Population Division, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations

"The Age of Migration has rightly established itself as the indispensable guide for readers seeking to understand migration around the world. In this superb fourth edition, the authors not only bring us up to date on the latest trends and statistics; they also draw on their wealth of experience and knowledge to trace out the influence of key social, political, and economic changes that have unfolded recently in different world regions." Douglas S. Massey, Henry G. Bryant Professor of Sociology and Public Affairs, Princeton University

"The extraordinary success of The Age of Migration lies in its presentation of the first comprehensive analysis of international migration as a global process. Successive editions have provided overall accounts of migration patterns across time and space, and have examined ways that migration is shaped by, and in turn affects, the structure of the international system....[The] essential text for the study of international migration." Jeffrey G. Reitz, Program in Ethnic, Immigration, and Pluralism Studies and Department of Sociology, University of Toronto, Canada

"Without doubt, this book remains the most comprehensive and accessible introduction to the multiple aspects of population movements around the globe, from migration trends and policies to issues of immigrant incorporation and anti-immigrant politics. It weaves together theoretical perspectives with rich, up-to-date, empirical detail; identifies problems associated with migration; advances solutions; and provides extensive references for further study. Undergraduate and graduate students, the interested public, and scholars will profit from reading this book." Helga Leitner, Department of Geography, University of Minnesota

"Provides a comprehensive and authoritative review of the main trends in international migration across much of the globe and a state-of-the-art commentary on the burgeoning migration literature. The authors keep pace with rapidly changing circumstances that shorten the half-lives of generalizations about migration and quickly date textbooks." Gary Freeman, Department of Government, University of Texas at Austin

Reviews of previous editions:

'Widely and deservedly praised as a major achievement... Castles and Miller have their own distinctive model of the migratory process but manage at the same time to cover almost every major theme of current migration studies.' Rainer Bauböck, Ethnic and Racial Studies

'An historical account of the major migratory trends before the second world war, supplemented by up-to-date, comprehensive analysis of 'new migrations'. The outstanding strength of this volume is that its critique of causal explanations of migration is married to an exploration of the impact of immigration on 'host' societies.' Susan Carruthers, Times Higher Education Supplement

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